Vital Tips on How to Write a Term Paper in APA Style?

If you want to write your term paper in an APA style then keep these important structures in your mind

Title page

The first page of your research page would be the title page. Here you have to mention your title page, your name, and your affiliations with any organization as well as the date.


This will be on the second page. It plays a role of a paragraph summary of your paper. Keep in mind that this is not an introduction to your paper, the introduction comes afterwards. This just gives a brief idea about your paper. Write abstract in the center at the top of the page and do not indent the first line of your paragraph.


Each page of your term paper should have the header in capital letters on the upper left corner of each page. You can use the header function to automatically generate the header on each page.


This is the most difficult portion of the paper to write. It is important that your introduction summarizes, integrates, and critically evaluates all the information mentioned in your paper. Initially the introduction is slightly broad and then it becomes more focused towards the end. Do not write extended sentences in your introduction, as your readers will get bored if there is too much irrelevant information in the beginning.


This is the most to the point section of your paper. Here your main goal is to describe your study in detail in such a manner that another researcher can actually understand and use that method too. This section usually includes participants, apparatus, and materials used for conducting research.


You further elaborate your method of research. You explain how the participants reacted to an experiment or how they responded to your question or stimulus. You need to describe the procedure as briefly as you can.


You describe how you have analyzed the data and what you have found. In case if your analysis is very complex then you can surely break it into sections for your ease


After you have explained the results you now have to discuss and interpret your findings and use them in a broader context .this is usually the opposite of an introduction.


List all the sources that you have used. They should be arranged in an alphabetic order. This is a mandatory step for your paper.