Hints for Creating a Unique Argumentative Research Essay

An argumentative essay is a class of a writing style that requires the writer to research a given topic. The author is obligated to collect the necessary information, study the evidence they've found and decide what position they will take on the controversial matter. In order to build a unique argumentative research essay you will have to make your paper stand out, and do so with an issue that you feel strongly about. The more emotional you feel toward a given topic, the more likely it is that you will have a creative and powerful writing piece.

There are many students who are confused between expository and argumentative essays. Although these two writing styles are similar, there is different type of research and drafting involved. In an argumentative essay there is detailed studying and in an expository essay it is much shorter in length (commonly used for tests or in-class exercises.)

An argumentative essay calls for much more research and literature. As the writer you will have to do empirical research by using experiments, reading and surveys etc. You have the opportunity to learn about this topic furthermore and also acknowledge the opposing points of view to make the controversy relevant to the readers. The type of research that you are putting into the essay must deliberate a clear thesis and plausible reasoning.

Paragraphs and Thesis Statement

You will need to possess a clear and defined thesis statement that takes place within the first paragraph of your essay. Within the introductory paragraph it should explain to the readers why the topic is of importance or why the readers need to care about the issue. The writer should present the thesis statement clearly and it needs to follow the guidelines that have been displayed within the writing prompt. If you do not master the thesis and statements that support it, you will not have an effective and persuasive piece of writing.

Note that there should also be a clear transition between the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. This is going to provide your readers with an essay foundation. The transitions that you make should come from introducing the idea and following up on it within the next section of writing. Make sure that there is plenty of evidence located in your body paragraphs. Each of these needs to be limited to the general idea because it provides for more direction and clarity.

Having conciseness in your writing makes it much easier to read. Each of the paragraphs within your body must have a connection to the thesis and some of the paragraphs should be in full support of these statements with enough evidence that has been collected. It’s essential that you explain how the evidence supports the warrant as well. Take note that a unique argumentative research essay should consider and elaborate on points regarding the topic of the piece. Depending on how long the assignment is - one or two of the paragraphs need to revolve around controversy and conflicting opinions. Instead of talking about how these are wrong, note how their opinions do not contradict your thesis; this will make your assignment a powerful and convincing argumentative research essay.