How To Write A Research Paper In Several Hours?

One of the most common questions students ask me of my line of work, as a professional writer, is how they can complete their writing assignment in only a few hours. Although, I typically want to bite my tongue, remind them about good time management skills and encourage them to stop procrastinating I can’t help myself from giving them a more concise answer.

Learn to write quickly! Which, I know isn’t exactly formal advice but it works for me every single day while I turning over several articles in only a few hours.

However, I know that advising a student to “Learn to write faster” isn’t exactly what they had in mind. They usually are looking for some sort of top-secret method of composing high quality content on a tight deadline, which really isn’t something I can teach. In fact, I’ve only learnt how to do it through experience.

In my own College and University experience there were a handful of occasions where the writing skills that I use now would of come in handy. Below I’ve prepared my own cheat sheet for students who are looking to complete their research paper in a pinch.

Fast Writing, Cheat Sheet

  1. Preliminary Research 3-4hrs
  2. You can’t do the crime if you don’t do the time. I am not sure if that absolutely applied here but you are going to have to invest some time into you research. In fact if we are looking at a seven-hour writing deadline at least half of those seven hours should be spent doing good, thorough, detailed research.

    However, try to save yourself time when doing this research and write up your source cited page as you go. Don’t try to come back later and find where you got all your research; it can be nearly impossible especially during a cram session. Keep good resource notes, it really is a lifesaver.

  3. Make an Outline 1-2 hrs
  4. You won’t save time by skipping an outline and just free forming you’re way through a report. Use a writing outline template to create a detail 5 paragraph research paper layout, which you can use to write from. Cut out the fat from your research and try to solidly defend 3 strong points, with 3 great examples of evidence that you have found.

  5. Fill In The Blank 1hr Tops

If the outline is good the rest of the writing assignment should be breezy, simply use your 5-paragraph outline to write a short concise 5 Paragraph Research Paper. Try to limit yourself to this 5-paragraph structure, this will keep you on track and help you finish sooner.

There you have it straight from a pro, how to complete a research paper fast. The more you practice this writing routine the better you’ll get, so write well and write often. That is my advice to you.