Where To Download A Free Research Paper About Special Education

Special Education is a complex subject. It is often undertaken in very challenging situations where the students have complex physical or intellectual (or both) needs. These students often find it difficult mix socially and require a great deal of assistance.

Teachers who take on special education often burn out quicker than teachers in regular schools due to the tough assignments they have to handle. Often they feel unsupported by authorities as they battle through paperwork as well as doing their job of managing each child’s individual needs.

Types of provision

  1. Inclusion – where a child with mild or moderate needs is schooled with children who have no special needs. Alongside their regular classes the included child is expected to leave the regular classes to attend sessions with counsellors and therapists.
  2. Segregation – where the child with needs is given their education in a separate classroom with children with similar needs or a separate school depending on the local provisions.
  3. Exclusion – the child has been excluded from school for a variety of reasons, such as behavioral problems, hospitalization, or the reform system. These children are taught one-on-one.

Ways of modifying the curriculum

  1. Students may not be taught the full curriculum if that is considered appropriate from the child’s abilities.
  2. The child may follow the full curriculum but have simplified or shorter worksheets.
  3. Extra provision may be given in examination situations – such as extra time, a list of vocabulary words, a calculator or a quieter room.
  4. Permission to type homework rather than turning in handwritten work.
  5. Rest breaks may be offered for the child.

Whatever your reason for needing to read other people’s work it can get costly if you have to use the paywall journals to get your information. So where can you find sample work without having to pay too much?

Where to look for a good example

  1. You may find that your local college or university library holds subscriptions to the journals and allows those who hold a library card. Some allow local residents to use their facilities.
  2. Or the library may hold work from previous students.
  3. The departmental website can often highlight the best of their student’s papers as a way of attracting students to their course.
  4. There are a number of places online such as online journals that offer examples of such work. If you add “Academic” or “Scholastic” in your search question you are likely to ensure better quality.