Writing in a Rush? Choose an Easy Writing Prompt!

When you’re down to the wire and there is a paper due tomorrow morning, you do not have time to pick an obscure, uninteresting topic that requires a great deal of research and hard boiled analysis. Instead, you should opt for an essay topic that really gets your creative juices flowing; a topic that is innately interesting to you, which you have a vested, pre-existing opinion in. But how do you arrive at such an “easy” essay prompt? Here are a handful of pointers.

Choose a Topic You Know About

Everyone has a few topics about which they are passionate and informed, that they can write about at length with just a moment’s notice. Take full advantage of your expertise and your natural inclinations, and choose a topic that is easy for you to express an opinion on. Look to your own life experiences and your extracurricular interests to help inspire you.

Are you an athlete or a fan of a specific sport? Pick a topic that is relevant to a meaningful moment in sports history, or about the science and physics underlying your favorite game. Are you a fashionista? Write about how clothing trends have reflected changing and shifting social mores. Are you an excellent student of art history, or English, or social studies? Find a way to apply your existing reserves of knowledge to your essay. That way, you will not have to do any external research to prepare!

Choose a Controversial Topic

This may sound counter-intuitive, but one way to quickly finish your essay overnight is to choose a topic that really gets the blood stirring. Almost everyone has a strong and unwavering opinion about issues such as abortion, gay marriage, affirmative action, gun control, health care reform, religion, and educational policy. A great deal can be said about each and every one of these topics, regardless of where you stand.

If you have a strong opinion on a compelling, provocative topic, and you have skills and knowledge to argue for that position, consider making it the central focus of your essay. Your instructor’s interest will be piqued from the very beginning, and you will have plenty to say. This can help you meet a strenuous word count requirement in no time flat.

Choose a Current Events Topic

When in doubt, you can always apply the real world to your essay. Find a current news item or pop cultural event that you can write about, and find a way to weave it in with your overall essay subject.