Where To Look For A Student Case Study Example

Working on a case study?

A case study is a piece of detailed qualitative academic research that makes its focus a single individual. Details are lush and narrative, but not identifying, in most case studies, and the overall goal is to paint a verbal and theoretical picture of the particular case for the reader. While such anecdotal research cannot ‘prove’ any hypothesis or establish an empirical trend, it can help researchers generate new theories and predictions, and can enrich the average person’s understanding of the phenomenon being described.

What is expected in a student case study?

Case studies are typically completed by graduate students or professors, who have the experience to conduct personal observations with a client or case. These papers are frequently published as academic journal articles, and shared widely with the intellectual community.

However, sometimes undergraduate or early career graduate students are also expected to write informal case studies for their classes. Writing a short case study is an invaluable exercise, as it will teach you to write descriptively and fairly, while protecting anonymity. It also gives undergraduates the opportunity to study a topic closely and intimately, rather than reading about it in articles and texts.

Why seek a sample case study?

A student case study should be shorter than a real case study, with fewer observations and citations. However, it should still be well written, respectful, and demonstrate a deep understanding of the topic and familiarity with the client or case. This is an unusual project for the average college undergraduate, who may have only written basic research papers for other classes in the past.

As a result, many students are uncertain about how to conduct case study research or compose a paper about the topic. In this situation, it is very useful to locate a few sample case studies to read as templates. If you are expected to complete a case study for your own class, you ought to read a few samples so you have a sense of what your own paper should look like.

Where to find sample case studies?

Ask your adviser or your course instructor for some help locating sample case study papers. They may have a record of previous drafts that students have written for their own classes, and with their students’ permission, you may be able to read these papers and use them to inform your own work. If this does not work, there are many custom paper writing services online where you can order personalized sample case studies. Just do a quick online search for “buy custom case study paper” and select a reputable company.