Legalizing Medical Marijuana in Virginia

Many residents in the state of Virginia are split down the middle when considering the issue of legalizing marijuana. Some like the idea for medical use only, while others feel it is pointless to get in trouble if you are found with a small amount. In the future legal use of marijuana may become reality, and many will want to know what will happen to people who have served time behind bars for having something that was once considered illegal? Virginia lawmakers continue to fight an ongoing conflict other lawmakers in the United States are facing: should marijuana be legalized and why?

There are politicians in Virginia that pose a strong argument in quickly shutting down the idea of legalizing marijuana. This aspect alone has caused many citizens of the state to travel outside of the state when considering medical options involving the plant. More states across the country are being more open to the idea but they are not making any promises. It is obvious marijuana has made medical breakthroughs with proof of helping patients live more comfortably with certain illnesses. But, this aspect alone is not enough to make lawmakers want to legalize the drug. In fact, it is still being seen as an illegal substance that can do bodily harm in the wrong hands.

The fact the plant is still seen as a dangerous drug substance is what helps many politicians prove their point about not wanting to legalize its use. There are teens and adults that use it to get high or sell it to people that should not have access to it. To track down and stop such activity costs the state thousands if not millions each year. This is why some want to legalize the drug; to help the state save money. But, there is also the argument of what happens if the drug is legalized and someone is found to have large amounts of it in their possession without a medical need. If the drug becomes legal can you still get in trouble for having it or will there be limitations for the drug? A large number of citizens in Virginia feel they are in for a long fight in making marijuana legal in the state. There are lawmakers that feel it is unnecessary and pointless to try and make the drug legal. Others feel the state may be wasting money punishing people who use it and feel there should be some compromise.