Basic Tutorial On Writing Acknowledgments For A Research Paper

There are two kinds of people – one who accepts favor and then tends to forget the favoring entity; the other who takes the favor and remember to pay the gratitude in convincing tone. Only the latter realizes how satisfying are the feeling of gratitude and acknowledgement.

Paying gratitude

When it comes to a research paper, you know you have to pay gratitude through words to a long list of people and works. There are instructors, teachers, professors; doyens of the subject that you connect with during the compilation of the paper.

Material and the provider

At the top of them, there are resource materials without which you would have been handicapped. Also, you should pay thanks to people who made it possible to grab hold of the materials; even the rare ones.

Author’s credentials

  • While writing acknowledgements, you should abide by the chosen format style (MLA and APA are the preferable ones). You should acknowledge authors with their last names, followed by the pages you have referred to. In case you have referred to different works of the same author, you should go by the applicable manner.
  • You should continue with the ascription to journals (author name, then article name followed by the period of publication), newspaper articles (the same as journal) and lastly web materials (the author and source).
  • You should then step to acknowledging the various personalities that helped you compile your research paper. Suggest their name after a ½” indentation in different lines.

Point to remember

Remember that the acknowledgement page comes after the Conclusion of the research paper and just before the glossary or the alignment page, where you give details of the footnotes or extractions. Do not mess with the placement of research acknowledgement. The instructor’s acknowledgement obviously comes in the title page where you name him just after the University you are affiliated with.

A sense of labor

A categorical and systematic acknowledgement page gives your research paper a sense of lamination and originality. Readers also assume that you have been meticulous in its compilation, having taken significant help from so many avenues. Thus, you should endeavor to acknowledge sources with vitality.

Follow the instructor

You should discuss the page with the instructor and if he wishes to make a serial change, even if it is out of general context, you should pay heed to what he says. After all, his is the last word when it comes to your research paper.