Deciding on an Essay Topic

Everyone has a dread of writing an essay. These can be tedious and seem to take up too much time. Unfortunately, they are a part of the academic life. When you are given an essay assignment the broad subject is usually given and you will have to narrow it down to something more specific. This is generally the most difficult part of the process.

How to Get Started

Narrowing the broad topic down sometimes incurs a bit of writer’s block for people. How do you narrow down a subject like diabetes? You could narrow it down a bit by coming up with something a little more focused like the types of diabetes.


Okay, now you are at types of diabetes. That is still a pretty broad category though and should be more focused. So then you think about how you can make it that way. Maybe you could focus on just one type of diabetes….let’s say type 1diabetes.

Still Not There

Believe it or not type 1 diabetes is still very broad. You need an essay topic that is concentrated on something more specific. You could narrow this down by talking about juvenile diabetes or the less common adult onset type 1diabetes. You decide that since the adult onset is the less common it will be easier to go with that.


What is it about adult onset type 1diabetes that you want to write about? This is where you will finally come up with your topic. In this scenario let’s say that you decide that the topic of your essay should be how adult onset type 1diabetes is contracted or what happens in a person’s body to make them have this type of diabetes after reaching adulthood.

You Have It

You are finally there. You have your topic. Once you have accomplished finding the specific topic then the rest is easy. You know exactly what aspects that you need to research instead of doing a lot of research on a category that is too broad.