Report Writing Prompts: Your Style is a Very Important

No matter what you are writing maintaining your own style is very important. This is true in the case of report writing. When you are writing a report, your style is even more important because the reader wants to gain information from what they are reading without getting confused along the way.

The Same Writing Style

Report writing, however, follows the same basic principles as an essay or other type of writing material. You want an introduction to what you’re writing, a body, and of course the conclusion. However, you must choose your writing style, if the instructor has not already assigned a style to you. The academic writing style is the most commonly used style of all.

Before you Write

Before you write the report, make sure that you put out a rough draft. This should be a collection of information that you’ve gathered through your research. It is a good idea to have someone else help you, if this is possible, as you can learn plenty through this method. Taking this step is important before trying to lay it all on the line and writing with one try. It is easy to write this rough draft and will make a tremendous difference in your report.


Your introduction should focus on the question or the subject at hand, just as the rest of the report. It should be engaging and make readers want to continue to learn more. This section is meant to be short and sweet. Try to provide all of the information needed within three to five sentences.

Body of the Report

The body of the essay, the thesis, is the next section. You need to do a lot in this section and it will be the longest of the three parts of the essay. You should have a body or thesis that is rich in information and facts and never opinions or thoughts. Put plenty of time researching into the job and use several different resources in which you gather your information. This section should use statistical information, quotes, facts, etc. that has been gathered during your research process.


The conclusion should summarize the information that you’ve outlined in the thesis. Again this should be short, three to five sentences, and should focus on the strong points and final thoughts of the essay. Ensure that you cite sources according to AP style standards.