How To Get A Proofread Example Of An Autobiographical Essay

With the internet, there is always a temptation to go for the easy option and go for the first option that your browser churns out. Be very wary of what you find online. Can you say for certain that the paper you have found is a good or bad example? Check out other options as well.

  1. Find a trusted academic website. If you must use the internet, and it is very easy to locate information this way, specify “academic” or “scholastic” in your browser search question.
  2. Another more reliable way of finding a suitable website is to ask other students for their advice. Find someone who has already taken this course. What did they use?
  3. You could turn to autobiographical books. This is an expensive option. Also, it has too much in the way of information to be useful as a guideline – what information do you leave out?
  4. The Library at your college may keep samples. Ask to see them. Many of these will not be available online. The library is a cheaper way of checking out those kinds of books.
  5. Ask a student who has already taken your course if you can read one of their papers. In this instance beware plagiarism creeping into your work. It is easy to phrase similar sentences accidentally, in the same way. Your tutor will recognize the work of previous students.
  6. Writing companies often put samples of the types of papers they provide on their websites. It is worth a look to see if they have any relevant papers on display. Those will be professionally edited because customers would be put off by blatant errors.
  7. A Proofreading website might highlight their skills by showcasing a paper that has not been properly checked for errors next to the edited version. This is even more helpful in that it shows how to proofread – a great skill for when you finish your paper.
  8. Maybe your school has a writing lab. They often keep exceptional past papers as an guidance stock for current students. It is worth asking if you can read a good paper. You never know, you might get lucky!
  9. If all else fails, you can ask your tutor. This is the option if you are completely stuck, but tutors often keep copies of the best papers they have received so they can remember that there are good students out there.