Looking For Great Topics for Argumentative Essays

When you are going to write an argumentative essay, you want to go into it with a clear head and just the topic.  The reason you want to have a clear head before you start your research is because the point of argumentative essays is to gather your information on the topic and then decide which side of the topic is the right side for you. You have to remember when you find the side that you are going to take; you need to make sure you have good facts and evidence to back up your side of the argument.

This is the part where most argumentative essays fall apart.  They have a good stance on the subject but fail to produce the support and evidence to reinforce their side.  If you don’t do this reader won’t know why it is important or they won’t care about the topic that you are trying to tell them about.  This will make all that hard work for nothing because you didn’t do good research.  You’re not only going to have to do great research but you also have to keep the audience in mind as you’re are researching and writing your essay.  This will help you find the right facts and know how to write the essay, so the reader doesn’t get bored.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Was the invention of Facebook great or is it an invasion of privacy?  While Facebook made it easier to connect with friends and family, it also has been a place where people post stuff about every aspect of their lives.  Even though people do it on their own, has Facebook ended privacy?
  • Tobacco is only allowed to advertise on billboards and magazines that have readers over the age of 21.  Should alcohol do the same with their advertising?  The book are harmful and deadly substances but is seem like alcohol is except more than tobacco, why is that?
  • Is going back to school or continuing your education after high school really worth it?  Does a degree give you better opportunities in the job market or is it a waste of money?
  • Vaccines, do they help or hurt?  Should they be mandatory for public health or should the parents have the choice to vaccinate their kids?
  • Violent video games, do they lead to violent kids or is this just a myth that the news and media have everyone believing to scare them?