The Worst Kind Of Hypocrite Is A Religious Hypocrite

A hypocrite, according to the dictionary, is someone who claims to possess certain principles and beliefs but acts in the contrary or in a manner that is not sincere. Religion is the belief in the existence of a god or gods. Religion has been part of mankind ever since man came into being. Religion has been used by man for many purposes. It has been used to form and maintain relationships between man and God, between man and the ancestors and between man and his fellow men. Religion is also used to establish the purpose of man on earth and to provide morals and guidelines for him to use in his day to day living. It provides hope to those in despair and comforts those who need to be comforted.

Religious hypocrisy basically entails not following or adhering to the teachings of that specific religion. Such hypocrisy is manifest in our society on both small scale and large scale. More than 80% of people in the world are said to profess one religion or the other. Yet, we still hear of atrocities and injustices everywhere. Simple deeds like cheating, petty theft, lying, greed and adultery go against all religions. They are preached against yet the very members of these religions violate these teachings. People who profess religion are the same people who are mentioned in large corruption scandals. They are the same people involved in drug-trafficking and drug abuse. They are the same people who will steal from people and commit murder.

Religion is one of the tools that has been used to brainwash people into doing evil things. Some have been made to carry out terrorist acts all in the name of religion with a promise of a life in paradise if they die ‘defending their religion’. They have used religion to kill innocent people. They have held people captive in the name of religion and they have discriminated in the name of religion. People have gone to war because of religion. An example is The Crusades of between 1095 and 1291.

If such hypocrites were not there the world would definitely be a safer place to live in. If we all obeyed the teachings of religion there would be no suffering. People would not die because of hunger or cold. People would not live in poverty while others have so much they do not know what to do with it. It is true that the worst kind of hypocrite is a religious hypocrite.