What Makes Harvard University Always remain At the Top in Global Ranking


Harvard University is located in Cambridge in the state of Massachusetts; it is situated in the North Eastern region of the United States. The factors considered when university global rankings are being done include; the specific courses offered by the university, the availability of qualified lecturers in the university, the facilities available in the university, the reputation of the university and the skills and expertise of the universities’ graduates. This study shall analyze why Harvard University always remains at the top in global rankings. Harvard University tops global rankings because of its’ good reputation worldwide, availability of qualified lecturers, practical oriented courses and availability of facilities.


The reputation of any university is of utmost importance, when global rankings are being conducted a university’s reputation has to be considered. Harvard University has a very good reputation among employers, students and the whole world in general. The good reputation enables Harvard University to always emerge the best among other universities. Secondly Harvard University has ample qualified lecturers in all departments. Availability of lecturers is always a very big challenge to many universities. The global ranking process has to consider whether an institution has ample skilled lecturers, in cases where an institution lacks lecturers the rank of that specific institution becomes very low.

Practical oriented courses are imperative in any university; Harvard University has many practical oriented courses. In the fields of engineering and information technology practical sessions are of utmost importance. The ability of Harvard University to offer adequate practical training ensures that it always tops global university rankings. Fourthly the availability of facilities is also considered in the global rankings of universities; Harvard University has adequate learning and accommodation facilities hence it is always ranked top.


Harvard University is a world class university, having Harvard on one’s resume is very advantageous. In addition it is a very prestigious institution; it is the dream of every individual to either work or study at Harvard. The students at Harvard get a very good deal compared to many other students in other universities worldwide. Harvard acts as a benchmark of higher education and research; this enables it to always emerge the top in global university rankings. Harvard University is the best institution for any student who has an aspiration to excel in his/her career. Harvard always leads while others follow, it will take a while for other institutions to achieve Harvard’s levels of growth.