How to be explicit and clear when creating a Coursework

It’s imperative to take the time necessary to create high quality coursework. It should be an indication of what you’re capable of and show that you are serious about your course. Before you even begin your coursework, understand what you will be marked on. What are the examiners looking for? If you aren’t sure, talk to your teacher about this.

Coursework is a massive project. It seems even bigger when you’re staring at an empty page. Never put it off until later. Now is the best time to start. It’s so much easier to do when you’re working on some every day instead of waiting until the deadline is dreadfully close.

Maintaining clarity and being explicit in your coursework can be accomplished by remaining focused. Make a plan of what needs to be done and then stick closely to your plan.

You can break the work down into smaller chunks by:

  • Set aside a regular time on specific days during the week to work on the coursework

  • Carefully consider how much time needs to be spent on each part of the coursework, for example the research, the writing and then ascertain you didn’t miss anything important

  • Set goals for yourself to reach certain points in the work plan to complete the coursework

Set some deadlines ahead of the actual deadline so that you are reaching your work goals all along the way. There will be so much less pressure on you if you can do this because you can see your progress. You aren’t stuck doing all of it in a really short time slot. Extra time after you’ve finished writing is essential – it helps you to have ample time for checking and adding or deleting some things if necessary.

Make sure you know all the rules for the assignment and you adhere strictly to no plagiarism. Also check that every iota of the coursework assignment has been fulfilled.

Keep your digital work backed up at all times. There have been countless students who have lost their coursework because of a stolen backpack that contained their laptop. Or a computer that crashes and the coursework wasn’t backed up anywhere else. Never take a chance on that. You never know when it could happen to you.

One great way to stay backed up no matter what device you’re doing is to email everything to yourself. That way you can access it from any computer at any time.