10 Good College Research Paper Topics in Math

Math is immensely present everywhere we go. So much so, that finding a good college research topic in math should be a fun and adventurous experience. Here are some suggestions we think would make for great research topics on the subject of math:

  1. The Birth of Math

    Dive into the very beginning with Pythagoras’s study of early geometry, and follow the evolution of mathematics. Study research of innovative mathematicians like Aristotle and Isaac Newton.

  2. The Science Behind Extreme Sports

    Without the laws of physics, athletes like Tony Hawk, Shaun White and Kelly Slater would not exist. The flips, tricks and impressive maneuvers of these athletes are made possible by the mathematics behind physics.

  3. Math in the Kitchen

    Cooking, much like chemistry, requires specific ingredients to be mixed in certain quantities at given temperatures. All of these quantitative times and measurements are determined by math in the kitchen.

  4. Theme Park Mathematics

    Rollercoasters rely on math. The proper measurements, angles, speeds and weights most be heavily tested and considered when creating a new theme park attraction.

  5. Math in Motion

    Take a closer look at the basics of math in motion. Study kinetic energy and its means of expression. What is the basis for speed, and how does math play with objects in motion?

  6. Mechanical Math

    Planes, trains and all automobiles are powered by an energy source. This source causes the mechanics of the car to be sparked to life—generating motion.

  7. The Science Behind Sports

    What makes a ball travel as far as it does? How do humans have the force exhibited in traditional sports? Explore the science of sports, sports equipment and/or the physical mathematics of sports.

  8. Modern Architectural Math

    Architecture is made possible by math. Minimal lines of modern structures like banister-free staircases and infinity pools are illusions of modern architecture. These illusions are explainable by math.

  9. Ancient Architectural Math

    Ancient Architecture was not only awe-inspiring, but usually quantitatively purposeful. Explore architecture like the Mayan Pyramids of Chichen Itza, used to tell the time/season, or the mysteries like Stonehenge proposed to have many mathematical purposes.

  10. Math & Clothing Design

    Designers use quantitative skills to create clothes, as well as draw on mathematical influences for design. For instance, a Top Model competitor of the past took inspiration from Chicago’s Chrysler building to create a beautiful garment.

As we are sure you have noticed by now, math is everywhere you go. Math makes things tick and go. By studying math we can understand the way things truly “work”. Get creative and pick a personalized area of study within the realm of math.