15 Interesting Topics For Creating An Informative Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are not typically read to derive information or to be educated; this isn’t to say that they can’t often be informative. If you’ve been asked to write a narrative essay for your class and it has to be educational, you might have a difficult time merging creative subjectivity with objective facts. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your paper, or you’ve just never really written this kind of essay, here are some topics you might consider when it comes time to write your paper:

  1. Analysis of your favorite novel: Writing about any book in narrative format classifies it as the desired type of essay. If you write about objective information, that makes the paper informative. Be sure not to follow a standard structure when writing, though, as this is what makes the paper different from persuasive or expository.
  2. An account of Hurricane Andrew: Writing any sort of personal experience or memoir recalling an actual incident that happened would also be valid for this type of essay. When referring to whatever incident or significant event happened, use factual information to recall it. Mention specific information, dates, and details.
  3. A personal journey: Perhaps you’ve traveled somewhere and had an enlightening experience. Document the event in a story like format, but educate the reader on some facts they may not have known.
  4. A biography: Yes, even a biography can be considered narration. Tell the information but deliver it in a story like manner.
  5. A discovery: Perhaps you’re exploring something major that happened in history, or a recent discovery in news or technological advancement. Again, as long as the essay does not follow a specific or standard structure, it will be considered narrative.
  6. The creation of something: Tell the story of how something or some idea came into existence. Cite and allude to actual information and facts that happened, but allow the information to tell itself rather than presenting it to the reader.
  7. A report on current affairs: Similar to the book report, a report on current affairs could meet the guidelines of your paper. You can read any recent events that have happened, or see what breaking news has occurred.
  8. A profile on a character from a movie/book/TV show
  9. An explanation for how certain traditions/beliefs came to be
  10. A discussion of religion
  11. The evolution of certain societal standards
  12. A movie review
  13. A discussion of certain albums/songs
  14. An analysis of dreams
  15. Different style/pop culture trends

If you have to write this kind of paper, don’t despair. It might challenge your traditional understanding of how to write papers, but it’s nothing that should be too challenging.