Case Study Writing Tips: Creating The First Draft

Creating the first draft of your paper is important. It helps establish the foundation of the actual paper while enabling you to easily sort through the various information to determine what is, in fact, necessary for the paper, and what is not. Having a first draft of your case study can certainly make your paper easier to write, and less time consuming. When writing any type of paper of this nature this is very important.

These papers can take what seems like forever if you are not careful. This is yet another reason that the first draft is so important.

What is a First Draft?

The purpose of the first draft is to give you an idea of what you want the paper to look like. You should not spend a great deal of time putting the first draft together, rather concentrate on getting as many ideas as possible down on paper. You can sort through it all later on, but having the information there and ready for you to use is beneficial.

There is no reason to include the introduction in your first drive. Believe it or not many students say that the introduction is the easiest part of the paper to write, and that it is easier to write once the entire paper has been finished. It is likely you will share in this experience, so no need to waste time on it now.

Are you taking Notes?

Take notes along the way of the first draft creation. You may find that there is information that is missing, or that you need to add something else to complete your thoughts. Should this happen, use a highlighter to make this point stand out so not to forget when you move on to the completion of the regular case study paper.

Always use your first draft as a first look at your paper. Use it to help you increase the importance of your paper, making it exactly what you want it to be. It is there for this exact purpose. Do not look at a first draft as something that is taking up more of your time because this is certainly not what it is. Instead use it as time to learn more about your study and ensure that you are presenting it in the fashion that will earn the good grade that you are looking for in your class.