Great Argumentative Essay Topics for College

If you are writing an argumentative essay for college, your goal is to create a thorough argument that convinces the reader in the end to side with you. You want a topic that has two sides to it at least. You need to present both sides, and then show why your side is best.

Some great argumentative essay topics for college revolve around controversial ideas. For those who want drug related topics for their next paper there is a list below that should act a preliminary place to find appropriate topics. These are meant only as broad topics. A perspective one way or the other can be taken or an argument can be made against or in favor of any aspect of these topics. Use your imagination and find something that interests you:

  • The use of drugs in sports
  • Blood doping
  • Drunk driving
  • Hard drugs versus soft drugs
  • Drug laws
  • Legal drug limits for misdemeanors versus felonies
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Marijuana use
  • Drug testing
  • Cocaine use

After you have picked a topic, it is time to research. Start off by reviewing books in your library, or looking at academic databases online for peer reviewed journals. Take advantage of the internet. While you are researching, take copious notes. If you find an interesting quote or statistic, write it down, and also write down the bibliographic information so that you can use it later. Try and immerse yourself in the writings of multiple authors so that you can get a feel for different writing styles and different essay structures. Remember that your goal in all of this is to become an expert in your field. You want to be able to answer any questions about it when the time comes.

As you are reviewing your sources, try and analyze the arguments made by the authors. Look for areas that their logic is lacking. Look for arguments that are strong. Find their claims, write out the reasons that they give in support of their claim, and find the evidence that they are presenting. The more you review and analyze the work of other authors, the better you will be at analyzing your topic and presenting an original argument.

As you review the topic, pick an idea that is your favorite and convert it into your thesis. Make it a clear assertion that you can support with evidence enough to sway the reader.