Archeology in Britain

Was it the Celtic invasion that left a decline in Britain’s economy during the Late Bronze years? Occurring between 800 BCE and 500 BCE, the latter part of the years began the recovery process. What caused the economic decline?

The Great Britain Crisis

  • The first chamber tombs were discovered in southern Portugal. These tombs reflect the phenomena known as Dolmenic Meglithism
  • Dolmenic Meglithism comes to America in 3800 BCE
  • During the years of 3500 to 3000 BCe the Dolmenic Meglithism spread across Europe. It would combine itself with other pre-existing traditions.
  • Civilization appears between 2600 BCE in Zambujal and LosMillares.
  • A culture divide occurred at hide. It was the Bell Beaker that causes the trouble between Westerners and Indo-Europeans.
  • It was in 2400 BCE when Zambujal would be the Corded Ware.

Time Periods in Late Bronze History

  • In 1250 BCE the Indo-Europeans began descending along the Rhone River and seeping into Catalonia. At this time it was the Urn field culture that ruled much of the land.
  • In 1200 BCE the civilization of Zambujal ceased. This cease caused part of its 10 km marine canal branch to also collapse. It would join with the Atlantic Ocean at this time.
  • Atlantic Europe was not megalithic.
  • The Atlantic Europe states remained its own unique area while the Atlantic Bronze networks traded.
  • It was in 700 BCE that the Northern Plateau invasion took place from the Hallstatt-Urnfield Celts. This group, out of NE Iberia, was able to stop the cultural and economic period of the Atlantic Bronze. Earlier before this time the city of Tartessos was destroyed by the modern Cadiz.


Our history brings us many significant time points, including the Late Bronze Age, of which there are still many questions that remain unanswered. It is likely they will remain this way and people will continue to form their speculations and judgments of what really happened all of these thousands of years ago. There are today many speculations about the cause of the crisis in Great Britain in the Late Bronze years. The above scenarios are some of the possibilities that are believed to have make contributions to this crisis. It is likely that the speculations concerning the crisis will continue among those with a concern of history. These important time periods mark moment in history which leaves an impact on the theories that have been formed throughout the many years since the late Bronze Age.