The Challenges Of Sustainability Facing The Car Industry

We live in a world where we love our comfort. From our heating systems to our cars and from out computers to our ways of listening music, we like feeling comfortable and we like having our lives made easier by the many inventions out there. And the truth is that once someone gets used to all this comfort, leaving it behind will feel almost impossible to do.

While fueling our homes and our appliances with energy is easier to do in a sustainable way nowadays (through regenerative ways of producing energy, such as solar energy or wind energy for example), our cars appear to be facing their final years of glory. As the world’s resources of oil are diminishing with every single day that passes by, many of the people out there are left to wonder what will come next.

Both cars with traditional engines and those with Diesel engines will soon fade out. Not only are oil prices increasing dramatically due to the fact that they have grown scarcer and scarcer, but we are facing the fact that soon enough, we will just run out of oil. Under these circumstances, new inventions and additions to the market are sought after permanently, so that the car industry should not end completely once the oil reserves of the Planet will fade out.

Many of the people out there have tried different methods, each of them unique in its own way. Some of them have tried to run their cars on used cooking oil, for example. And what is even more amazing is that it functioned very well. However, how much cooking oil would anyone need to run his/her car for one year only?

There are also many rumors out there that say that some of the scientists out there are trying to find a way in which they can build an engine to function solely on water. This is quite plausible but the truth is that at the moment, the technology would cost too much for anyone to actually be able to afford it (except maybe, the elites of the society).

All in all, sustainability should be the main focus of the entire car industry out there because the years will soon pass by and the oil reserves will be completely gone before everybody even notices it. The future does bring important inventions, but the key is opening our minds to new and original alternatives to our old, traditional ways!