Is Buying Essays Equal To Academic Fraud

Buying essays is equal to academic fraud because you are not giving the professor your original work and instead you’re giving him another person’s work. If you’re asked to give a presentation on your essay, it’s going to be difficult to do because you are not able to discuss the topic with confidence since you didn’t perform original research yourself. Another reason why buying essays is not a good idea is because some of the writers you hire may not have much experience in writing essays and the person could plagiarize your essay and pass it off as original.

Gather Your Research Early To Ensure A Better Paper

Instead of buying essays, you want to gather your research early so that you will have everything you need when it’s time to type your essay. For example, if your essay requires you to interview one or more persons, you want to arrange for the interviews early so you will have them completed by the time you type the paper. Organize all of your sources and this helps you sort out what is important in the essay and what is not needed.

Get Assistance When Needed

While writing the essay you should seek help from your professor, classmate and the campus writing lab tutors because they want you to succeed in writing the essay and they may have some pointers that you never thought about. For example, if you are having a hard time researching a topic, you want to meet with the professor to discuss possible topic ideas based on what you discussed in class.

Read Instruction Books on Essay Writing

Another idea is to read a few instruction books on the proper way to write essays because they come in handy during times when you cannot get a hold of your professor. Write down key notes as you read and refer to those notes when you prepare the essay. Some websites offer free downloadable brochures on essay writing.

When you write an original essay, you can be proud of yourself and you will become more confident in your academic abilities. If you write a lot of essays in class, make sure you write down new ideas so that when it is time to write essays, you will have choices. Make sure you check facts and grammar before you turn it in to the professor.