How to write a simple research paper: make sure you memorize these tips

If assigned a research paper the most difficult task usually is where exactly to start? Here we will tell you five core steps, which will ease your way in research paper writing. These steps are for those who are beginners.

Follow these steps

  1. Understanding the assignment and make an outline
  2. First important task the writer should do properly understands the assignment given. Ask your professor if you have any problems. First figure out details related to your research paper such as , how long the paper would be , word count, type of citations required, types of sources allowed . Assign yourself small portion of task for each day until your due date of submission.

  3. Find a Topic and a Question
  4. Once your understandings about the assignment has been established then choose a specific topic or question you think you should conduct research on. While you’re doing this keep the following things in mind:

    • Would the topic or question be appropriate?
    • Is my research too broad or general? Narrow down the focus.
    • The topic should be of interest to both the writer and the reader.
    • If you have selected a question then make sure the paper answers it well. The answer then will become your thesis statement.
  5. Start with your research
  6. Once you have decided which direction you have to go with your research essay then it is time for you to start researching. Keep the following thing in mind while researching:

    • Use a variety of sources such as books, internet etc.
    • Give yourself enough time to conduct research.
    • Keep track of from where you are getting the information.
    • Write the information in your own words. Do NOT copy paste. That will count as plagiarism. If you quote something then do make a note of that.
    • Look specifically for details that support you question
  7. Make an outline
  8. Once your research materials are collected then organize your thoughts in an outline. Group together all your information and construct them in according to their sequence

  9. Start writing
  10. Keep in mind to write your own voice. Do not depend solely on the research information. Cite all the information you are stating in your paper. Keep your information in an organized sequence. In the end, proof read and check for any grammatical or any errors for that matter.