College Essay Writing Tips: You Should Include A Thesis Statement

High school and college have different methods of teaching and different expectations of you as a student. Your essays in high school, even the best ones will start to seem rather juvenile even by your second year of college.

The construction of a good college level essay requires the inclusion of a relevant, well crafted thesis statement. The following reasons can help you remember why inclusion of a thesis statement is so important so that you are never tempted to do without one in the future.

  1. It guides you
    A good thesis statement should basically state why your essay exists. If you ever begin to add unnecessary or contradictory points, a quick glance at your thesis statement should provide you with the direction you need. It can also help you to formulate a plan for the rest of your essay so that you are less likely to find yourself straying later on.
  2. It guides your reader
    People often pick up a novel and head straight to the summary at the back to get a sense of whether book suits their needs or not. College level essays that are extremely long sometimes have their own summaries but even the short ones have thesis statements. To readers who do not have to devote time to your essay, this statement can help them decide if it contains the information they want. For readers who do have to read your essay (perhaps to correct it), a good thesis statement can show that you paid attention to the rules of the assignment in selecting your topic and can give ahint as to whether you will be addressing it throughly enough.
  3. It makes your work more persuasive
    Referring to a well thought out and written thesis statement often through the writing of your essay will make your points align well with each other. This is particularly useful if the intention of your essay is to persuade the reader to adopt a certain view. It prevents points that veer off topic from being unwittingly included which can make your essay appear to ramble. Aside from boring your readers this mistake can make you come across as less informed, a poor researcher or the victim of last minute essay preparation gone wrong.

Your work is what speaks for you in academia so be kind to your reputation and follow conventions of the field by always including a thesis statement.