Writing An Essay Introduction - Providing Brief Details

The writing of an introduction in any essay is always important. There are certain steps you can and should take to create the best introduction possible. One way to achieve success is to look at the introduction as a mini essay in itself. The introduction has a structure and contents and when you get that right you have the perfect introduction. With the perfect introduction you're well on the way to writing an outstanding essay.

What is in an essay introduction?

  • a brief description

  • what others have said

  • your hypothesis

An introduction to an essay is like introducing two strangers. One stranger is the reader of your essay and the other is the introduction to your essay. If your introduction quite clearly states what your essay is all about, the other stranger, the reader, then knows a little bit about your essay and certainly about what is to come. A good essay introduction is the perfect icebreaker in a social situation.

A good introduction will also include reference to what other experts have said on this particular topic. Yes, you are going to comment on this topic, but you are not the first to do so. Letting the reader of your essay know that others have discussed this topic and have reached certain conclusions, does a number of things. It gives you gravitas. It helps prepare the reader to accept you as someone making comments alongside other serious writers. And it helps prepare the reader for the argument or arguments you are to present.

Your hypothesis

Now your hypothesis will not appear in full in the introduction. That is not the place for your hypothesis. But by giving a sneak peek, a small preview of what is to come, you are doing a number of things. You are hopefully stimulating the interest of the reader. You are certainly getting them thinking about the topic and then about your argument or hypothesis regarding this topic.

An essay introduction can be a very powerful tool. Get it right as far as content, the amount of words -- less is often more -- and with the right stimulating writing style, and you're well on the way to producing an excellent essay and one which is likely to garner support from any examiner. Put plenty of planning and thought into creating your essay introduction. If so, you will find the rest of your essay flows both in your writing style and the ease with which it can be read.