A Cask of Amontillado summary

The Cask of Amontillado is a popular sarcastic story contributed by the author, Edgar Allan Poe. In this story, he has described about the nature of a person who takes vengeance for silly reasons and the innocence of another person who trusts the relationship out of mere carelessness. The author assumes himself as the negative character, Montresor and introduces Fortunato as his friend. As a reader, you will understand that the Montresor was repeatedly hurted and insulted by his friend Fortunato. So, Montresor wants to give back nicely by killing him. But the sad and silly part in this story is Montresor had never disclosed his dislike towards Fortunato and the Former has not been found and punished for his act. This story depicts the attitude of an inheritant of a vengeance family and the plans done by him to take the vengeance.

The story starts with the vengeance of Montresor over Fortunato. Montresor was waiting for the day of festival evening to end the life of Fortunato alive. Fortunato was fond of having wines, especially, the Amontillado. Montresor enquired about the recent shopping of the cask of amontillado with Fortunato. Montresor informed Fortunato to pack the cask of amontillado in a cover and take it to his home. Also, Montresor asked his workers to take leave on that day, being the reason of festival and to avoid the eyewitness for the act to be committed. While walking through the mausoleum filled with smoke, the Montresor gave special wines with an intense to bury the Fortuanto alive, but seeming that the former tries to reduce the cough of the latter out of mere affection. Throughout the journey, the bells of the Fortunato’s cap were tinkled and the Fortunato asked about the predecessors of Montresor. Montresor described about his family slogan and the symbol of coat of weapons like squashing a snake by a golden human foot. Montresor felt insulted by Fortunato when the latter asked about the coat of weapons and he declared that the former was not a good mason. This again increased the hatred of Montresor over Fortunato.

Lastly, both of them reached the targeted tomb, which was dug in the size of 4ft, 6mts length and 3mts breadth. Fortuanto entered into the tomb; as if, to take the cask of amontillado. Suddenly, he was fastened with a string with the stone brick wall and Montresor started blocking the way of tomb with the rocks and minerals. As the Fortunato was unconscious, he couldn’t realize the danger in front of him. He started shouting at first and it became to an end when the tomb was closed fully. Only the bells of Fortunato’s cap have tinkled till his last breath.

The author created Montresor had planned the death of Fortunato in such a way that he could not be identified as the convict and the innocent Fortunato should not get found out for many years.