Creating A Strong Research Paper Conclusion Paragraph In Three Steps

As any other student, you are not a big fan of research papers, especially if you don’t like the topic. Even so, you know perfectly that your assignments are important for your final grade so you struggle to complete each one in professional way. There are many things to watch out for, starting with the topic and finishing with the conclusion paragraph. You can not neglect any of them because your professor will pay attention to every detail. If you don’t know how to create a strong conclusion paragraph, follow these three steps:

  1. Evaluate your research paper. In your research paper you will be required to bring evidence for every statement that you make. Before even thinking about the conclusion, you have to establish if the evidence that you brought is sufficient. Have you used relevant references and quotations? Did you express your point of view in a clear, objective way? If the answer is “yes” for these questions, you can move forward.
  2. Think about the purpose of your composition. In the introduction, you wrote what is the final purpose of your text. Of course, you hoped to achieve something, to prove a point or to convince others that your solution is applicable. In the last paragraph you will be asked to write if you met your goal or not. If yes, say in a few words what did you do to achieve this. If no, you can write what did not go as planned, what new information you got during research and how this information changed your initial hypothesis. If you want, you can even mention what research method did you use to get to this final conclusion.
  3. Write your personal opinion. In most of the research papers you have to be objective and realistic. However, this does not mean that you can’t introduce your personal opinion in the text. The only thing you need to watch out for is to not write too much; the entire conclusion should not be longer than two paragraphs, so your opinion should fit in two or three lines. Try to make your opinion as balanced and relevant as possible. It is possible to compromise your entire research paper with only a few inappropriate lines. When everything is done, you can proofread the conclusion, just to check for any mistakes.