European History Essays: 10 Tips for Beginners

While this should not be new to anyone who has reached the level of studying European History, sometimes guidelines help when faced with a project like this.

  1. Choose a Topic

    Whatever you happen to be studying in class right now should be your broad topic. For example, if you are studying the Tudor era in England then that should be your topic.

  2. Narrow it Down

    The Tudor era in England is a very broad topic that covers many issues and many years. This should be narrowed down to something specific like the Boleyn family and how they influenced King Henry.

  3. Make a Thesis Statement

    Your thesis statement should be what you mean to prove in your essay. If you mean to prove that they had no influence then make that your thesis statement but make it more involved than just “they had no influence”. Expound on it and say why and how they could have had more influence.

  4. Make an Outline

    Your outline bullet points should each be a point that you will make in your essay. For example one could be about the influence that Anne had on the king before they were married.

  5. Research

    Research each of your bullet points one at a time. It will be much easier than trying to research everything at one time.

  6. Take notes

    Make copious notes while researching. Include any and all reference information as you will need to reference each of your sources either in-text or on the last page of the essay or even both depending on the wishes of the instructor.

  7. Write a Rough Draft

    Take all of your notes and put them together in a clear and concise form while filling in your outline.

  8. Proofread

    Read your rough draft looking for spelling and grammatical errors along with anything that just doesn’t sound or look right. Make corrections where needed.

  9. Rewrite it

    Rewrite it making a clean copy with no correction marks on it.

  10. Make a Hard Copy

    Save the copy to your computer and print out a hard copy to turn in.

  11. As you can see, this is a very simple process. Just follow the tips and break it down into workable portions and you can have a quality essay on European History in no time at all. Just don’t forget to cite each and every single reference that you used.