10 Facts About Custom Essay Writing You Should Know Before Purchasing a Paper

  1. Cheaper doesn’t mean better. This should go without saying, but if you find a company offering custom papers for way, way below average, you should move on: it’s probably a scam!
  2. You should never pay up-front for a paper you haven’t received yet. You wouldn’t send someone money for a car that you’ve never seen or know anything about, so don’t do it with your papers! Make sure the company you choose will hold your money in escrow, meaning that it’s protected until you personally release it after receiving your paper.
  3. Paper writing companies handpick the reviews they want to advertise. No one would put a review on their website that said the company was awful, so when you read through the company’s testimonial section you’re only seeing what they want you to see. Check out independent company review sources to see what people really have to say.
  4. You should hire someone sooner rather than later. Rates go up the closer to the deadline it is, so be aware and hire early!
  5. Your paper writer probably doesn’t know anything about your class, teacher, or your writing style. Paper writing companies hire professionals, so you know that they know what they’re doing. However, unless they’ve been in class with you all semester, there’s just no way for them to know what’s expected by your professor, or what level of writing is needed. When possible, send as many details as you can so the writer can best tailor the paper to your needs.
  6. Just because they’re professionals doesn’t mean they’re flawless. Everyone makes mistakes, even professionals. Read through the paper you receive for slips or factual errors. Read it over twice! You can never be too thorough.
  7. Your teacher knows more about your writing style than you think. If your teacher has been reading your papers all year, they’re going to notice if you suddenly turn in a paper that sounds nothing like your usual writing style. To help this, go through the paper and make some changes to make it sound more like “you” by re-writing certain sentences or phrases to be more like your unique voice.
  8. You still need to check for plagiarism, no matter how much you spent. There are free plagiarism checkers available online that will scan the text and check it against text available online. It’s free and takes only a few minutes, so you really have no excuse!
  9. Any good paper writing service will help you even after you’ve received your paper. If you have any questions or need any extra guidance before turning in the paper, a good company will be there to assist you. Some will even let you communicate directly with the person who is writing your paper, so you know they’ll be able to help you through it.
  10. There’s no 100% safe way to turn in a paper that was written by someone else. No matter how thoroughly you edited the paper to sound more like you, or whether or not the plagiarism checker found anything, there will always be a risk factor involved when you turn in a paper that you didn’t write. If you follow the above steps, though, you’ll have eliminated most of the chances of getting caught, so you can sleep a little easier!